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Getting Your Outdoor Audio Ready for the Spring & Summer Months

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Getting Your Outdoor Audio Ready for the Spring & Summer Months

While modern TV and stereo equipment have benefited from technological advances that make them better suited for use out of doors, there are still some important considerations to make to get the most out of them and protect them from the elements.

Our team here at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment has everything you need to transform your patio into a fully-fledged entertainment area. Here are some valuable tips direct from our family to yours.


Preparing Your Outdoor Audio for the Summer in Tucson


Outdoor Speakers & TVs

You wouldn’t drag your favorite flat screen outside. Well, you might, but you certainly wouldn’t leave it there. The same goes for your audio system. Fortunately, modern entertainment tech is ruggedized against the weather and can tolerate heat, wind, rain, cold, and more. That means you need to pick the right devices for building out your Tucson outdoor audio and video.

Some speakers and monitors are designed to take direct sunlight and exposure. But for the most part, mounting these devices under awnings, patio coverings, and other forms of partial shelter gives them more than enough protection. But there are also wireless and portable models that can be brought in if that gives you more peace of mind.

Central Control System

Your audio/video system will need a central control hub to act in unison as you adjust volume, change channels, and access various media sources. Products like the Control4 do this job flawlessly. But you can pick from a wide variety of such items. Frequently, outdoor TVs and speakers come with or are made to pair with specific control systems, making a choice an easy one.


Space & Acoustic Considerations

Before you select your equipment, know-how large your entertainment area will be, how the seating arrangement will be organized, and how the sound will move through the space. Knowing this, you should have a better idea of what size monitor you will need and how powerful the speakers you choose should be. Be sure to talk with our A/V experts if you have any questions about matching equipment to your space.


Wiring & Power

For the most part, wireless devices are best suited for outdoor use. But if you want to create a more permanent entertainment space, hard-wiring may be a good idea. Buying wireless output devices is a good way to start. This will give you the chance to know what works and what doesn’t. In the future, a wired system might be the perfect upgrade for your existing system.


Here at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson, AZ, we have everything you need for the ultimate outdoor audio/visual entertainment experience. Check our blog for the latest news and tips, and find us online or come on down for the best deals in your area.



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