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At Home Movie Theater

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At Home Movie Theater

Many movie theaters are still closed and might not open for several months or more due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re missing out on being able to see movies at your local movie theater this year, there’s excellent news. You can have your home theater installed so that you can watch films on the big screen anytime you want. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment (CAVE) offers theater installation services for Tucson homes. 

Benefits of a Home Theater 

Why should you look into getting your very own theater? There are several reasons to explore this home entertainment option. One of the biggest is that you and your family don’t have to leave home to enjoy watching movies on the big screen. Whether you want to have a movie night with a family favorite or watch a new film, you can do so from the comfort of your house. This helps ensure that you and your family reduce your risk of getting sick without giving up the moviegoing experience. 

When you have one of these theaters installed in your Tucson home, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to watching movies. You won’t have to wait for movie theaters to reopen during or after the pandemic. You also won’t have to worry about purchasing tickets in advance and finding a showtime that works for everyone in your family. With your own theater, you can have a movie afternoon or night whenever you want. 

Designing a Theater at Home 

Your theater can have a wide range of features to make your movie-watching time as comfortable as possible. You can create an indoor theater with cozy seating, which you can use all year round. This allows you and your family to watch a movie without having to worry about the weather outside. You can have automatic blinds and shades installed in your theater to prevent glare on your screen as well. Your home theater can also be installed outdoors, so you can watch movies under the stars and enjoy the fresh air. You can even set up a convenient place to keep snacks and beverages nearby. 

Our team at CAVE can help you determine the ideal location for your theater based on your home’s layout and your personal preferences. No matter where you want your theater installed, our experts at CAVE can ensure that it has high-quality audio-visual equipment. We have multiple soundbar options to choose from, so you can have superior sound quality in your theater. We can also mount your TV or other visual equipment in a location that provides you with the best viewing experience. 

Expert Tucson Home Theater Installation 

If you want more information on home theater installation for your house, please contact CAVE. We offer these services for homeowners in the Tucson area. We can help you design the ideal theater for home entertainment. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our audio-visual equipment options and other features for your theater. 


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