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Building, adding, on, or remodeling your home? Not ready to make a decision on home theater or home audio?

No problem.

Let us pre-wire your house while the wiring is easy to access. That way the voltage wiring is all set up and ready once you figure out which sound and speaker systems will work the best for you.

PRE-WIRE installation

Our team will come to your house and efficiently set up all the necessary wiring to build your future home theater room system. Pre-installing the wires gives us the access we need to your electrical system without further disrupting your life. You can literally forget the wiring is there until you are ready to build your home theater system.

Multi Room Wiring

If you want more than a home theater, our multi room wiring makes it easy to prepare for any level of audio and visual equipment. From surveillance cameras to blu ray players, CAVE’s pre-wiring services can quickly prepare your home for a high-tech experience