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The Best Movies to Stream in Your Home Theater

Movie night just got real if you have a home theater. Now that you have superior audio and video that pops, what should you watch? The truth is it takes a certain kind of movie to show off your new

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Building the Ultimate Home Theater

At CAVE, we’ve successfully helped people construct the ultimate home theaters in their homes for many years. While the technology itself has become more sophisticated, more impressive and more affordable than ever, the tried-but-true “best practices” of putting together your

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Step into the Future with Automated Shades

Smart homes are popping up all over the country. Home consumers are enjoying doorbells that take videos, ovens that you turn on from work, and HVAC units you can adjust without getting out of bed. Why not add your automated shades

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Pre-Wiring to Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

One of the most important things to understand about home theater wiring is that the placement of your equipment matters just as much as the equipment itself. Not only do your speakers have to be a certain distance away from

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