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CAVE: Complete Home Theater Services for Your Favorite Living Space

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CAVE: Complete Home Theater Services for Your Favorite Living Space

There’s nothing like a fully equipped and well-designed home theater to spice up your evenings and for relaxing in after a long day at work. It’s there for you to enjoy the big game, endure the small games, watch and rewatch your favorite shows and films, and it’s perfect for entertaining friends and family. Here at Cathey’s Audio Video Entertainment (CAVE) in Tucson, AZ, we have everything you need to make your home theater complete and the expertise to make it easy to build the best in town.


We’ve talked at length about the many exciting and cutting-edge audio/video products out there. We decided it’s time to explain how our team of A/V experts can help you turn that pile of tech into a home theater that even Darth Vader would be proud of.

Complete Your Home Theater With CAVE A/V Services in Tucson

· TV Mounting: After investing anywhere between $500 and $5,000 in a high-quality, high-definition television, the last thing you want is for it to crash to the ground. It is even more important for it to be mounted in just the right spot for optimal sound and viewing quality.

· Outdoor Audio: Modern ruggedizing technology and techniques have made it possible to construct a full-featured entertainment system outdoors. The possibilities are truly thrilling, and your backyard can be more attractive than ever before!

· Indoor Audio Surround Sound: While the visual aspect of great films is key to the experience, it’s rich, high-quality sound that immerses you in the experience. Don’t let the director’s audio wizardry escape your ears. Get the best audio setup available.

· Home Theaters: A great home theater isn’t just some chairs and a TV. It’s a space where the real big screen experience can be enjoyed by you and yours any time—our team designs optimal home theater layouts to work in any space to fit nicely within your budget.

· Wiring: With wireless options available, you can really get the most out of the wiring you do choose to use for your home system. Let our A/V experts help you decide where and how to use connectivity options for the best results.

· Lighting: Wouldn’t it be nice if the lights would come on when you enter and exit the room if they would remain at appropriate levels during a group film-watching event and dim in just the right way at just the right time? All these capabilities are well within our design service capabilities to give you the perfect home theater experience.

· Universal Remotes: Don’t fumble with an arsenal of remotes. Let our team set up one universal remote that’s easy to use and easy to find in the dark.

· Wireless Home Audio: You could set up permanent audio for optimal acoustics. But what if you want to sit in a different spot? Wireless audio makes it easy to adjust your sound setup without putting new holes in your walls.


Don’t let this coming Spring and Summer pass you by without the luxury of the best home theater modern technology can provide. Get in touch with our audio/video team have at the CAVE in Tucson, AZ, to learn more, see what’s available, and schedule a curbside pickup.



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