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The Best Movies to Stream in Your Home Theater

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The Best Movies to Stream in Your Home Theater

Movie night just got real if you have a home theater. Now that you have superior audio and video that pops, what should you watch? The truth is it takes a certain kind of movie to show off your new investment. 

You can watch The Notebook on any TV but 2001: Space Odyssey is a movie that you want to see in high def. Consider streaming movies that will make you and your family say “ah” when you watch them on your new home entertainment system. 


Let the extractors show you how a good movie is done. The dream within a dream concept means you’ll get to see a variety of labyrinth landscapes as Leonardo Di Caprio and his team try to learn the deepest secrets of some of the most powerful people in the world. 

What makes this movie a standout on a home theater? It’s the combination of stunning graphic effects combined with the sound of worlds shifting around. Take the scene where Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) shows student Ariadne (Page) the dreamscape world. Buildings pop up, flip around, and disappear throughout the scene. It’s both a visual and audio experience that can only get better with a home theater. 

Avengers: Infinity War

The truth is any Avengers movie, or any Marvel movie for that matter, is well suited for the advanced technology of a home theater system. Infinity War, though, brings many of the characters together with stunning visual effects. 

What makes this movie a standout on a home theater? Infinity War is shot entirely using IMAX digital cameras and that alone makes it a must-see on a home theater system. The big sound musical score is important in this movie and something that requires advanced audio to really wow you. 

2001: Space Odyssey

It’s a bit old school, but 2001: Space Odyssey is a must-see classic that you should only stream if you have a home theater system. Seeing that black monolith in high definition will make it all clear to you.

What makes this movie a standout on a home theater? Besides some “ahead of their time” visual effects, 2001: Space Odyssey has a soundtrack that will give you chills, especially when it surrounds you. 

Fast and Furious 1 – 8

Any Fast and Furious movie is going to take on a new life when you stream it to your home theater system. Street racing, heists, spies, drifting, Vin Diesel — binge-watch as many as you can over one weekend.  

What makes this movie a standout on a home theater? If you have to ask, you’ve never seen one. The cars go fast, they jump a lot (sometimes out of airplanes), and the good guys chase the bad guys in them. It’s action movie watching at its best. 

If you haven’t taken that step yet, then  explore all the possibilities of the home theater before you stream another movie. With superior speaker systems, dedicated home theater systems, and access to the top manufacturers, CAVE makes it easy to get the home theater experience of your dreams.

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