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Sonos Speakers: What You Need To Know

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Sonos Speakers: What You Need To Know

Here at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Sonos Speakers. For years, these wireless speakers have been a go-to option for our home theater enthusiasts, offering excellent quality with zero compromises on reliability. 

About Sonos

Since it shipped its first-ever product back in January 2005, Sonos has been redefining the home audio game. They provide a unique listening experience for all of their customers, based on the right combination of woofers, technology, engineering, and vision. The four founding pioneers of the company-John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai, and Craig Shelburne saw how technology and the internet revolutionized the technology world. Founded in Santa Barabara, California, they are music lovers who make amazing products for people just like them.

Why Use Sonos Speakers?

Sound Quality

Are you extra picky about the right acoustics? Need the perfect surround sound setup for your home theater? Sonos has you covered. Stream your favorite sounds the way they were always meant to be heard: through a quality sound system. Stream from your favorite platforms that you already know and love, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Audible, and much more. Enhance the sound of your favorite movies today!


Wireless Sonos speakers are ready to go in any room of your home. No more drilling and running tangled wires through your walls, or hiding them behind bookshelves. Setup takes mere minutes, and your new sound system can be accessed from either the Sonos app, Apple Airplay, or even voice command. Yes, that’s right! Enjoy the option of linking your Sonos speakers with Amazon’s Alexa or even Google Assistant for a hands-free, wi-fi controlled experience. 

We also offer durable, battery-powered speakers for your outdoor listening pleasure. The options are many this summer! Enjoy crystal clear audio entertainment during your next patio get-together or backyard graduation party. The choice is in your hands!


Listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want. Start with one speaker, and feel free to add on different options later. Are you a fan of heavy bass music? Sonos may have the perfect speakers for you! There are no right and wrong combinations or a one-size-fits-all scenario. We’re here to help make your audio experience much more memorable. Start building your dream home theater today with our wide selection of speakers! Compare some options today.


Sonos Speakers realizes its obligation to support sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices everywhere. From auditing our product design, facilities, and supply chains, Sonos has strict measures in place to promote transparent and eco-friendly business practices. For more information, you can either read their 2019 Responsibility Report or watch this video here.

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At Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson, Arizona, we realize that building the home theater or sound system of your dreams can be a huge undertaking. Our trained experts are here to walk you through the process step-by-step, with the highest quality options available. 

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