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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Music and Movie Lovers

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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Music and Movie Lovers

Believe it or not, it’s already that time again: time to shop for holiday gifts. While some people on your list may be notoriously difficult to buy for, CAVE has the music and movie lovers in your life covered. From incredible headphones to movie subscriptions, we know what will make your technology-minded loved one smile when they open their gift. Here are our picks for the perfect holiday gifts for music and movie lovers:

Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

girl listening to noise canceling headphones, happyThis is a gift both music and movie aficionados will be thrilled to receive. Tucson movie lovers can use home audio system headphones to listen to their movies without disturbing the rest of the house—great for new parents—while Tucson music lovers are better suited to portable versions that are compatible with their phones. Not only is this a great option for the recipient, but it can also help out roommates, spouses, and fellow travelers who don’t want to hear the sound of the music or the bass.

A Music Subscription Box

Technology has radically changed the way we listen to music. CDs were still a great gift just ten years ago. Now? CDs are becoming as much of a relic as the 8-track, and chances are the person you’re buying for already uses a streaming service. A creative way around this is to opt for a music subscription box. These monthly boxes are carefully curated to offer a regular rotation of new and exciting music for their listening pleasure. Just find one targeted to the music interests of your loved one and you’re good to go!

Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers


Couple dancing outdoors on patio with music

This one is ideal for Arizona music lovers. Because the weather here is incredible all year, we want to be able to enjoy our music outside. Weatherproof outdoor speakers can be set up permanently on patios, balconies, and any other outdoor space. Best of all, they’ll be safe even during the monsoon season!

A Mancave Upgrade

While this one isn’t a casual gift, it’s a great way to go big for the most important man in your life. Maybe there’s an extra room in your home that you’ve been thinking about transforming for your husband, or your dad is done with his years of tinkering in the garage but still needs a space of his own. You could design an entire  mancave with a high-tech television, a surround sound system, comfortable furniture, and a home audio system. This is a gift that works for music and move lovers alike!

Tickets to a Music Festival

people having fun at an outdoor music festivalIf you are really familiar with your music lover’s tastes, you might want to consider gifting them tickets to a concert or music festival. Be sure to keep in mind how easily they can travel when you select the tickets you purchase—and—if possible, purchase tickets for two so they can bring someone along.

A Movie Night Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving, and we think this is a great way to treat the Tucson movie lover in your life. There are several movie night subscription boxes on the market that you can choose from, most of which will include a movie, drinks, and snacks. Not only will your loved one get a movie to add to their collection, but they’ll also get to make a full night out of watching it with minimal effort on their part.

Security Cameras

Although this idea may sound a little odd, it could be a great gift for someone who stays up-to-date when it comes to the latest in music and movies. Audio and visual equipment is often expensive, and a little extra protection can go a long way. Technology-minded people also tend to love their gadgets and will likely get a kick out of playing with security cameras and other home defense elements. Not only is this gift useful and fun, but it will be unique!

A Complete Home Theater

complete home theater with huge seats, movie screen

Much like the mancave, this is not a simple gift to give. However, it is a very rewarding one—and if you give it to someone in your home, you get to enjoy it, too! Think about how you can transform an ordinary activity like watching a movie into a true experience. Consider things like lighting, window shades, furniture, speaker placement, and more when crafting the home theater. If you struggle to come up with a setup on your own, the team at CAVE will be glad to help.

Wide Color Gamut Televisions

If your budget is big enough to make an upgrade in your current system, a new television is the way to go. Why not take the opportunity to invest in something new, like a wide color gamut television? These televisions make the pictures on the screen look and like real life, so your favorite movie lover can fully feel immersed in the viewing experience.

Need some help choosing the best audio and visual systems for your home? Contact us at CAVE. We have all the elements and know-how needed to ensure your gifts for music lovers and movie lovers are the best this holiday season.

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