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New Year, New Home Theater 

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New Year, New Home Theater 


With a brand new year starting, this is a great time to make changes to your Tucson home. If you spent more time than usual at home in 2020, then you might be thinking of improving your home entertainment setup. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment (CAVE) offers a wide range of home audio options, so you can enjoy watching movies and shows or listening to songs with superior quality sound. From outdoor TV and audio options to indoor home theater setups with automated shades and lighting, our experts have you covered. 



Enhance Your Home Audio Experience 

You don’t have to keep putting up with older or outdated audio features and equipment, especially if it’s affecting your home entertainment experience. With new equipment from CAVE, your Tucson home can become a much more enjoyable environment for catching up on TV shows, watching new movies, or working out to your favorite tunes. Our audiovisual professionals can help you come up with the best home theater setup for your home. We’ll also handle all aspects of the installation process thanks to our expertise and experience in outdoor and indoor audiovisual systems. 



Take Your Home Entertainment Outdoors 

If you’ve grown tired of staying inside to watch movies and shows or listen to music, CAVE offers high-quality outdoor home theater services. We can help you create the ideal outdoor setup for your patio or outdoor living space. With our help, you’ll have state-of-the-art outdoor audio for playing music during gatherings or watching shows while unwinding after work or on the weekend. At CAVE, we have several options to choose from, including weather-resistant speakers and other kinds of audiovisual equipment that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 



Go Beyond Home Theater 

Our experts at CAVE can help you improve your home environment overall. In addition to audio and theater options, we offer automated lighting and shades. These features help you control the amount of natural light and heat coming into your home, which can make it much more comfortable. During the summer months, you can keep the hot Arizona sun from heating up your home too much. When it’s cooler out, you can let in more sunlight for added warmth indoors. You can also easily adjust lights or close shades to reduce glare in your home theater setup. With these automated features, you can lower or raise shades or turn lights on and off as needed throughout the day with the touch of a button. Keep in mind that we also offer security camera installation to help protect your new equipment and your home in general. 


High-Quality Home Theater Services in Tucson 

Our team of home theater experts at CAVE are ready to help you make changes to your home, so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment in the new year. Whether you’re planning to have outdoor audio installed or looking to update your indoor audio, we can provide you with exceptional installation services. Contact us today to learn more about our options for outdoor and indoor home audio, automated lights and shades, and more. 

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