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Choosing a Home Theater Room

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Choosing a Home Theater Room

Home theater rooms are an appealing amenity for families of all shapes and sizes. They create the perfect space for relaxing, recreating, and enjoying a variety of entertainment and electronics in the comfort of one’s one house.

For Tucson homeowners looking to create a designated home theater that is both comfortable and fully functional, the first consideration is picking the right space. Homeowners face two primary options: retrofitting an existing room or building a new addition to their house. No matter which route they go, there are a few critical characteristics that ensure a room is the optimal setting for a home theater.

Home Theater Planning

To start planning out a home theater, homeowners should consider a few key elements: noise, light, space, and proximity to other parts of the house. Here is a closer look at how these features factor into choosing the ideal room for a home theater:

Optimal Spacing

A home theater room has to be large enough to accommodate a variety of electronic devices and audiovisual (AV) equipment, as well as furniture, from sofas and recliners to tables and cupboards for storage. However, the room should not be so large that it negatively impacts the acoustics or viewing experience. Ideally, home theater rooms should be deep rather than wide, like a cave, with seating clustered in the general area of the approximately 60” screen. Tiered flooring is also optimal if it fits into the budget.

The idea is to create an intimate environment where every person, even those seated farther back, will have a good view of the screen when watching movies or playing video games. Another consideration is running wires to and from devices and ensuring the equipment is able to access AV content from a variety of sources, such as iPhones and portable devices, the Internet, and traditional cable and satellite services.

Noise Levels

Another vital consideration is acoustics, as well as the noise levels permeating from a home theater. In terms of location, home theater rooms should be relatively isolated from bedrooms where people are sleeping and from neighboring homes. Typically, movies and games will be played at a high volume, which augments the experience for participants. However, homeowners should be conscientious about not creating a disturbance for neighbors and other residents. In Tucson, some locations for consideration include attics above the garage, adjunct rooms near the rear of the house, or other empty space on the property.

If there is not an isolated space in the house, homeowners can incorporate noise cancellation techniques to deter noise from traveling outside the room. As for noise inside the room, carpeting is the optimal flooring to create noise insulation and limit acoustic reflections. If carpet is not an option, homeowners can use large area rugs over hard flooring. The ceiling should not be above 9’ unless the homeowner wants to mount a projector above the seating, as the sound gets lost traveling around the room.

Limiting Light

The ideal room for a home theater will have limited windows and doors. This ensures the home theater is free from outside light. Since a small group of 12 or 15 people may use the home theater at one time, having two doors is safest. However, it is best not to use glass doors or ones with windows to create a better environment. If there are windows, homeowners can install blackout curtains. Not that the room should be pitch black, but soft, ambient lighting is preferable to bright outside light.

Selecting a Home Theater Room

There is a lot to consider when designing a home theater room. Homeowners must do some measuring and planning to determine if an existing room can be transformed into a home theater or if an addition is required. The latter is more expensive as it requires a significant construction project, and not all homeowners have space on their property to accommodate an addition, but it means they can design the ideal room for a home theater. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment can help Tucson homeowners figure out what home theater system fits their lifestyle and entertainment preferences, and if they have a space that can be remodeled to accommodate the atmosphere they desire.

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