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CAVE: Audio and Visual Specialists in Your Home

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CAVE: Audio and Visual Specialists in Your Home

When you want to experience your favorite shows, songs, and movies in crystal clear audio, there’s only one way to do it. Pick up the phone and call CAVE – the audio specialists Tucson homes need. Short for Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment, CAVE consists of a team of trained A/V pros ready to bring your dream audio setup to life. Whether it’s a den retreat built for spectacular cinema surround sound or outdoor patio speakers for sensational jazz to enjoy over cocktails.

Bring Out the BassTwo big speakers facing one another with great bass sound

As the specialists in Tucson for both whole-home and individual room setup, we’ll help you find the perfect combination of television screen size, system functionality, and speaker setup to optimize your home theater experience. Our audiovisual experts know how to find the “sweet spot” in a room’s acoustics. They’ll help you find the right balance of tech and budget to bring it to vivid reality. You don’t need to squeeze into seats at a crowded amphitheater to enjoy your favorite artist, or brave sticky floors to take in a classic movie. We bring it all to your home and your favorite comfy chair or couch.

Turn Up the TrebleTreble note representing treble sound in speakers

From the exhilarating roar of the crowd during a favorite sports game to the nuanced instrumentals in a beloved symphony, it’s time you stopped listening to your favorite sounds and started living them from the comfort of your own home. As the audio and visual specialists that your friends, family, and neighbors trust, you can count on CAVE to set you up with a system that will perform flawlessly for years. Not just the latest, greatest flash in the pan. Unlike big box stores, our installation experts act as specialists in Tucson every step of the way, not just during the sale. We want you to appreciate your new television and speaker setup as much as we appreciate having you as our customer. That means offering expert advice, timely service, and a reputation for excellence in the Tucson area.

Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson

Indoors or outdoors, CAVE’s installation team is made up of the audiovisual experts Tucson residents deserve. If you’ve been dealing with wavering sound quality, outdated television screens, and a tangle of wires, it’s time to upgrade and simplify your audio-visual setup once and for all. When it’s time to relax, no one wants to deal with adapter-heavy “workarounds” just to listen to a favorite podcast out on the porch, or tune in to an away game in the living room. After one visit from our audiovisual experts, you’ll wonder why you spent so long tripping over cords and juggling remotes to find a sub-par picture and sound.

With CAVE’s services, your Tucson home will experience a futuristic, user-friendly audiovisual installation while you enjoy our enduring commitment to individual customer care and a dedication to your satisfaction. Tune into something new and better: call the specialists in Tucson for all things audiovisual at (520) 797-7177.

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