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6 Common Home Theater Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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6 Common Home Theater Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Watching television is the most popular leisure activity that Americans participate in. If you want to be the king couch potato you need to consider getting a home theater system to elevate your viewing pleasure.

Getting a home theater is a big responsibility and it is easy to fall victim to some home theater mistakes. From choosing the wrong home theater design to selecting the wrong home theater equipment there are many hurdles.

Make sure you jump them all by checking out these 6 common home theater mistakes and your best options for avoiding them. Read on so you can get the very best home theater without any of the headaches.

1. Not Setting a Home Theater Budget

Home theaters are expensive so setting some budgetary parameters right away is your best bet to make sure you don’t get in over your head. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,000-$25,000 for your home theater system.

Most of this figure depends on how large the room you will be converting is, the type of electronic equipment you choose, and what type of furniture you want to use. Expect to pay more for a professional installation.

2. Home Theater Mistakes in Equipment

You want to get solid equipment that doesn’t break your budget. Make sure whatever equipment you purchase is reliable. Try to avoid purchasing second hand-equipment for this reason. At the very least you will need:

-connecting cords
-places to sit

From there you can get additional equipment such as projectors, surround sound, or other more advanced equipment. One of the biggest home theater mistakes in equipment selection is to buy cheap knock off’s.

3. Neglecting Home Theater Design

You should have a good idea of your home theater’s design before trying to construct it. Having a baseline of what to expect in your design schemes allows you to size couches and TVs for home theaters.

It also allows you to select a theme such as for a movie night, game day, or a video game den. You don’t need to select one theme, but having a few in mind will help you design your home theater to fulfill multiple purposes.

4. Not Calling a Professional

For simple home theater needs, you may be able to get by with a do-it-yourself installation. If you have an extensive home theater setup however you need to call a professional. Installing home theaters like this can be complicated.

Make sure whoever you call specializes in a complete home theater setup. Otherwise, you may have to call independent contractors for each component of your home theater setup which will be an expensive headache.

5. Not Getting a Comfy Couch

Your couch is where you take a load off and get to enjoy your home theater experience. No matter how nice your TV or other electronic gadgets are, without a comfy couch you will never be able to relax while viewing.

6. Not Knowing How to Use Your Equipment

If you bought a fancy television or surround sound system, bust out their equipment manuals and thumb through them. All of those name-brand features will be useless to you unless you know how to use them.

Make Smart Home Theater Decisions

Don’t fall victim to these 6 home theater mistakes. With a little bit of foresight and planning, you can make the home theater of your dreams with none of the stress that can come along with it.

If you need an ideal home theater installed by a professional contact us today. We can handle all of your home theater installation needs so you don’t have to. Get back to your life of leisure and let us handle the nuts and bolts.

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