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2021 Oscar-Winning Films to Watch This Weekend

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2021 Oscar-Winning Films to Watch This Weekend

2020 might not have been a regular year for movies, but there were plenty of good flicks to see. The performances, the cinematography, the special effects: the Academy Awards try to honor those who have worked so hard to perfect their craft. Whether you watched the show or just caught the highlights, we’ll give you a few Oscar winners to watch this weekend.


Picking up Best Picture and Best Actress for Frances McDormand’s inspired portrayal of a free spirit, this movie tells a must larger story. More than a love letter to the beauty of the county, there’s a profound message conveyed through the stories of real nomads. A changing economy has led to monumental shifts in how people retire and what they do to get by in the modern world.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Winner of two awards, one for Makeup and Hairstyling and the other for Costume Design, this movie is a single recording session of a blues singer in 1920s Chicago. The popular artist and her backup musicians have conflicting interests, which leads to plenty of drama in this Oscar winner.

Promising Young Woman

In terms of style and tone, it’s hard to pin this movie into one category. You might think you’re watching a suspense film only to find yourself in a romantic comedy before switching somehow to horror. Carey Mulligan handles all her scenes with skill, and the film shares an interesting and timely message about how women may be treated.

Sound of Metal

Addiction, music, culture: this film blends several themes and is beautifully acted by Riz Amed. The winner of Best Sound and Best Achievement in Film Editing, it tells the story of a drummer who loses his hearing and has to figure out what his priorities are. It offers a nuanced look at the deaf community and the nature of addiction, and there’s a lot of depth to explore in just one viewing.


It’s no surprise that Pixar might take home a lot of awards. They’re well-deserved, and this time, they took home Best Animated Feature Film and won for Original Score. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to this main character in this film, and he gets a terrific antagonist in the form of Tina Fey. Equal parts funny and heartfelt, this movie is all about the meaning we take from life and what it’s worth to each of us.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Telling a story of a fight for equality and a brutal betrayal, this movie is about the leader of the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. After the FBI struck a plea deal with petty criminal William O’Neal, he would go onto infiltrate the Illinois chapter and ultimately wreak havoc on their plans. Taking home the Best Song and Best Supporting Actor awards, this movie is a true tale that needs to be known.

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