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The Top Streaming Services of 2020

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The Top Streaming Services of 2020

What’s better than going out with friends? Why, staying home and streaming in, of course. This year’s streaming services are delighting introverts all across the nation. Thanks to the efforts of services such as Netflix, Sling, and Amazon Prime, it’s now perfectly acceptable to hang out on the couch on a Friday night instead of socializing out on the town, and you don’t even have to put on real pants. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment can help you get started.

Why Stay In and Watch?

Families in 2020 seem to love staying in, and why not? They can watch the latest movies and films in a much more cost-effective way through their choice of streaming services. After all, there’s no waiting in a line that extends around the corner and out into the parking lot. Oh, and the snacks are cheaper, too. Want a nice alcoholic beverage to go with that psychological thriller? No problem. Streaming services make good things possible.

Top Streaming Services This Year

A few of the top streaming services this year include:

  • Netflix — No commercials; three plans include basic, standard, and premium that let you watch one, two, or four screens at once; 30-day free trial available; offers popular original series not available elsewhere. Great for binge-watching your favorite TV series.
  • HULU — Plans available with limited or no commercials; plans begin at $5.99; Live TV is an option.
  • Amazon Prime — Members of Amazon Prime view for free; no ad-free viewing; new movies available for rental or purchase fee.
  • Disney Plus — Alone, this service is $6.99 monthly with a free trial available; may be bundled with HULU and ESPN+ for $12.99 monthly; great for kids and families.
  • Shudder — Horror, thriller, and suspense only; plans begin at $4.75 monthly with 7-day free trial available; ad-free viewing.
  • HBO Now — Includes a 7-day free trial; $14.99 per month; ad-free viewing.
  • Sling — Three plans available at different price levels; Each tier adds additional channels; Plans start at $20 month; DVR option available.

On many, you’ll find engaging documentaries, limited series, and classic or newly released films. Others are geared strictly toward family entertainment or genre choice. All are available for small monthly fees, and all provide comfy couch alternatives to a busy movie theater. Whether you’re a fan of Hallmark romance, or you just love Game of Thrones, there’s a streaming service out there to fit your family’s viewing needs.

How to Get Started With Streaming Services

Cathey’s Audio-Visual Entertainment (CAVE) in Tucson is ready to help you get started streaming your favorite movies today. We’ll set up your private home theater in a room of your choice and outfit it for the best sound and viewing experience possible. Comfort, excitement, and relaxation will be yours when you let CAVE take charge of your family’s audio-visual entertainment needs. Call us today or visit us on the web at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment.

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