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The Best Movies of 2020 So Far

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The Best Movies of 2020 So Far

Most people love movies – or at least some movies. But the most dedicated cinephiles are not satisfied with just going out to the movie theater and taking in the latest big-screen sensation alongside whoever might be sitting in front of them. The most dedicated movie lovers want a full-featured home theater with all the perks and pluses like top-notch speakers for unbeatable surround sound and more.


That being said, 2020 has already been a great year for moviegoers. So we headed over to Rotten Tomatoes to see what’s new and what’s “pew” – because you’re going to want to get your eyes on the best of 2020 as soon as they are available on Netflix, DVD, or another streaming service.



The Best Films of 2020, so far…

  1. The Back Way

Starring Ben Affleck, The Back Way follows the tale of a man on the road to recovery from addiction and anger. This film features two masterful performances by the leading men for a dose of realism rarely achieved.


  1. The Invisible Man

When children debate the best superpowers, one always chooses invisibility. The latest cinematic rendition of this perennially novel idea brings more grit and fear to the story than ever before. The Invisible Man captures all the terror and suspense previous incarnations missed.


  1. Capone

Gangster films are a dime a dozen, and few have taken on the seminal gangster story that is Al Capone. Capone is as gritty and tense as you would expect with a heavy dose of grade-A acting from the lead player, Tom Hardy. Rich in all the style and fun of the early 19th century, Capone makes perfect use of all the cultural resources the history of the man and the period have to offer.


  1. The Cordillera of Dreams

If gripping documentary tales of adventure are your bag, then The Cordillera of Dreams is for you. This is the story of the turbulent and disturbed land of Santiago- a place where poverty, crime, and cult-like religiosity all meld into the perfect recipe for drama. The cinematography is second to none, and viewers will enjoy a rare look into a culture hidden between the frozen peaks of a faraway land.


  1. Gretel & Hansel

This unusual horror film takes the innocence out of the old children’s story and injects all of the terror and shock that we always suspected the author of the original intended to suggest. The film sticks surprisingly well to the source material while injecting interesting new themes, giving this old bedtime story all-new relevance for an adult audience.


  1. Wild Goose Lake

An intense dramatic thriller that follows the exploits of Japanese gangster Zhou Zenong, the narrative is daring, thrilling, and not particularly family-friendly, (just a heads up). Cinephiles will appreciate the sharp mix of innovative camera work and audacious plot twists.


  1. The First Cow

An old west tale like no other, The First Cow is the story of a frontiersman who brings a new resource to a struggling frontier community. It is as well shot as it is rich in detail, and while it may be a bit slow for a summer blockbuster, it does what it aims to do in spades.


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