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The Benefits of Family Movie Night

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The Benefits of Family Movie Night

Family movie night has benefits beyond the simple bonding that takes place between family members. Children who co-watch movies and television with their parents gain valuable insight into what’s wrong and right in the world, too. If you’re in the market for a family-friendly home theater system, contact Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson. CAVE has everything you need to recreate a complete movie theater experience in your own home.

Are There Benefits to Kids Watching Television and Movies?

According to researchers at Penn State University, talking with children about the themes they encounter in movies can actually help reinforce positive behavior such as helping others, the importance of teamwork in solving problems, and empathy. The key, say researchers, is to discuss the positive and negative in equal terms. While many parents emphasize negative aspects of popular movies, stressing positive themes may even be more important in helping to raise a happy, healthy child who contributes to society in a positive way. It’s a theory that many say bring more relevance to the family home theater.

Should You Allow Streaming and Binge Watching of Your Child’s Favorite Series?

With multiple streaming platforms such as Netflix, HULU, and Disney +, it’s now more possible than ever for kids to find and binge their favorite shows. But is that necessarily a good thing? Most experts recommend limiting the amount of time children spend in front of a television screen, but binging a show can have some benefits. A television show can form social connections that actually bring kids together the next morning at school. Talking about new movies or favorite, classic characters such as Harry Potter builds verbal, social, and communication skills. Binging two or three shows in a row may also be a great stress reliever, especially for teens, when it allows them to simply relax for a few hours without thinking about grades or peer pressure.

Of course, what your children watch on family movie night is just as important as how much time they spend there. However, if you’re co-viewing educational documentaries or classic films and having in-depth discussion afterward, that’s still parenting points you’re earning.

What If My Child Watches Too Much Television?

As a parent, you are a child’s advocate. If you feel he or she is spending too much time streaming new movies in the home theater, then it’s your responsibility to set reasonable limits, such as no TV unless you’re present. Families who watch together also learn together, and being present when the kids fire up the third showing of the new Frozen movie is a perfect excuse to kick back, break out the popcorn, and cash in some cuddles while they’re still young enough to think you’re cool.

A home theater system is an excellent alternative to stuffy, crowded movie theaters, too. Having a group of teens over for snacks and music videos ensures that they’re safe and happy while socializing, which is what every parent wants for their teen.

If you’re intrigued by the comfort and convenience of having a professional movie theater experience at home, Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson can help you design it. Call us today for answers to all your home theater questions.

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