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Perk of an In-home Surround Sound Experience

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Perk of an In-home Surround Sound Experience

Many aspects of social life and live entertainment have been negatively affected this year, but home entertainment is an area where you don’t need to compromise.

With an in-home surround sound system, Tucson homeowners can enjoy an enhanced experience while viewing movies, sports games, and other forms of entertainment from the comfort of their couch.

What Can a Surround-Sound System Offer?

When watching a television show, concert, or sporting event, seeing detailed and vibrant images on a big screen is only one part of a fulfilling home entertainment experience. The other part is having superior sound quality, and that comes down to the audio device you choose.

Surround sound primarily differs from stereo based on the number of speakers. For example, stereo systems have only two speakers, while surround sound may include three or more. They typically come in five- to seven-channel setups. Speakers are placed throughout the room—hence, surround sound—delivering audio from behind, in front, and beside you. As a result, surround is traveling at you from all directions within your space. You can become more immersed in your entertainment, no matter what it is, and it becomes more engaging to watch.

Additionally, an in-home surround sound system is not just designed to increase volume but also improve sound quality and clarity. At any point, you can adjust the audio to achieve a richer tone through customized bass and treble settings. The whole sound experience simply becomes clearer and more authentic. When you’re watching a movie with your family and friends, you can hear the individual instruments contributing to the soundtrack. During a sports game, you feel as if you are sitting in the stadium, surrounded by the cheers of other spectators.

Selecting from a Variety of Audio Systems

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When it comes to choosing a new surround sound system, you have plenty of options encompassing a range of prices, qualities, and special features.

Dolby Digital 5.1 is still considered to be the surround sound standard, which is why it is included on most Blu-ray discs. The “5” refers to the number of channels, while the “.1” refers to the low-frequency effects (LTE) channel in a surround soundtrack, which is managed by the subwoofer. However, Digital Theater Systems (DTS) quickly developed a system to rival Dolby, using a higher bit rate and delivering more audio information.

You can also get systems that include seven or nine channels from a variety of manufacturers, such as Pro Logic, Dolby, DTS, and Audyssey. It’s helpful when selecting an audio system and deciding where to place the speakers to think about what sort of entertainment you tend to consume.

Improving Your Home Theater in Tucson

Surround sound is an integral part of a rewarding home theater experience. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s also become more accessible and affordable for the average homeowner in southern Arizona. If you’re ready to take your home entertainment experience to the next level, contact Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment to find the optimal surround sound equipment to integrate into your entertainment system.



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