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Creating an Outdoor Living Space with Awesome Audio

The outdoor living room is a luxury that many households dream of, but few have the skill to pull off! Getting the audio right in the untamed sonic environment of the outdoors is a much bigger beast than setting up a

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Home Theaters and You: The Perks of Having an in-Home Theater

There are so many great reasons to invest in your own custom, in-home theater and sound system. We all live busy lives but we like to unwind at home, enjoying all the comforts of a movie theater without the high price

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Myths About Home Security Cameras

If you’ve never had security cameras at your home or business, chances are that most of your information about them came from crime shows and news reports. Unfortunately, these sources provide a lot of incorrect information that can lead to

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7 Must-Haves for Your Home Theater

What if you could get the movie theater experience within the comfort of your own home? With a quality home theater, you can easily make this dream a reality. Your home movie theater can become even better than the real

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