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Inspiration for She Sheds and Man Caves

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Inspiration for She Sheds and Man Caves

Now that your She Shed or Man Cave is ready to decorate and furnish, you’re probably looking for some great ideas to make this area your haven away from the daily stresses. You already know that having music and television is a must. Before you go out and buy your audio and visual equipment, and before figuring out how to decorate inside a shed or Man Cave, stand in the middle and have a good look around. Know the approximate location of the items you think you might want in your haven. Then visit Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment to find something you like. 

Measure Your Space 

Are you adding a home theater and planning to use an entertainment center? Do you want a wet bar in your She Shed or Man Cave? Mark out the space for everything you need to make sure it all fits. Once you have this step done, you’re ready to go shopping. 

Home Theaters 

If you want a home theater, be prepared to give up a good amount of space. Choose what you want and install the home theater first. Then you can work around it for the rest of your She Shed or Man Cave. If you plan on using a large entertainment center, you should also put it in first. You might decide to go with something a little bigger than you visioned. 

she shed theaterAdding Functionality to Your Haven 

Whether you need a craft area, a place to hang out, or you need part of your haven for your motorcycles; you can start adding everything you need once you have the audio and visual set up. 

You can even combine ideas if your space is large enough. While you might have an audio/visual area at one end, you can have a crafting area at the other end. For those times when you want to hang out with friends, you can add a small wet bar with a sink, overhead cabinets, and a small fridge to keep your favorite beverages cold. 

You can also add a pool table and darts if you prefer a space to have fun and entertain your best friends. Make sure you leave enough room for comfortable seating! 

She Shed and Man Cave Décor 

Find items to decorate the walls of your haven. Don’t forget the flooring. If you have a pool table, you might put a carpet that matches the rest of your décor under the pool table. Find a matching mat to place in the entryway. 

Add crafts you created to the wall if you’re a crafty person. There are also many ideas on how to decorate a man cave. If you like hunting and fishing, you might find hunting- and fishing-themed décor for the walls. Or, if you want to bring the beach to you, decorate your She Shed or Man Cave with nautical items and trinkets you picked up from the beach, including shells. The choices are endless. 

men watching sportsVisit Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment 

Stop by our store or visit our website at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment to pick out your home theater, television, and other audio or visual equipment. We can help you make your She Shed or Man Cave a place where you can go to destress every day.

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