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Home Theater Essentials

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Home Theater Essentials


A trip to the local movie theater is an American rite of passage, but with the appearance of COVID-19, the need for social distancing has closed movie theaters across the nation. If you’re craving the big screen and booming audio of a truly immersive movie theater experience, now might be the time to recreate it right in your home. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson, Arizona, can help. There’s no need to miss out on all the latest blockbusters simply because you’re stuck in quarantine. We’ll guide you through the set-up of a completely customized home theater that’s specifically designed with your family’s viewing in mind. We’ll start with the components that mean the most to you.

What Does a Home Theater Need in 2020?

Every home theater should be unique to the family who enjoys it. Whether most of your time is spent playing console games, streaming your favorite weekly series, or renting the newest blockbusters from your favorite streaming platform, your home theater needs the components that do what you need them to do.

4k TV

In your home theater, you must have a screen that’s capable of pulling you into an immersive experience. Today, this usually means 4K TV. 4K TV brings a whopping 8 million pixels to your screen. That’s four times the resolution of full HD. And right now, 4K TVs are highly affordable. Because of its intense resolution, you can sit much closer to your 4K TV. This makes it suitable for even the smaller spaces in your home.

Adaptable Surround Sound

Surround sound that’s smart enough to adapt itself to fit the parameters of your space makes for an optimal viewing experience. You’ll need audio that’s capable of highlighting dialogue as well as capturing booming bass and high treble to ensure you don’t miss out on even a second’s pleasure of home viewing. CAVE technicians will visit your home and take measurements of your designated home theater space to ensure that the audio system you choose is the right one to fit your needs.

Suitable Acoustics

While it’s easy to optimize a speaker system and television to fit a smaller space, the acoustics are more tricky. You can have the most expensive equipment on the market today and still suffer a less-than-optimal viewing experience simply because your room has bad acoustics. CAVE Home Theater will test your room’s acoustics and do what we can to correct them. This ensures you hear balanced tones in all areas of your viewing space. This may mean adding more than one subwoofer. Or, it may mean installing a sound system that’s capable of audio correction.

Trust CAVE Home Theater

All your home audio and theater components should work well with one another. They should be easily controlled by a single remote. Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson, Arizona, will help this happen. Great sound, immersive viewing, and ease of use all combine to create a perfect way to enjoy movies, streaming, and gaming while the world is on lockdown from Coronavirus. Call CAVE today to schedule an in-home assessment.



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