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Home Theater Checklist for 2020

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Home Theater Checklist for 2020

Just as with any category of popular technology, home theater systems are always getting bigger, better, and more amazing. That goes double for all the services that make any great home theater system complete. As you know, summer is on its way, and that means the summer blockbusters are also coming down the pike. But will you do during those weeks before the newest hit films hit the theaters? That’s the time when you really need your home theater to be cutting edge. Here at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment (CAVE) in Tucson, Arizona, it’s our mission to help you get everything you need for a cutting edge home theater experience in 2020.

The Official CAVE List of Home Theater Must-Haves for 2020

1. New Technology

Whether it’s 4k resolution, surround sound, or the hottest new speaker system on the market- cutting edge tech is absolutely necessary to keep your home theater experience popping. The fact is that the TV show, film, or music itself is just part of the home theater experience. Another critical part of it is the wow factor that comes from the newest tech.

2. Apple TV

This movie and TV streaming service has a myriad of shows that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Part of what makes Apple TV important is its interoperability with Apple CarPlay. That means if you have Apple TV and Apple CarPlay, you’ll know what’s coming up new that very evening. Use your drive home to plan your entertainment agenda for the evening.

3. Netflix

Of course, we cannot leave out the king of streaming services. Netflix has all the hottest shows, the shows that will be talked about at the water cooler. It’s also got tons of blockbuster movies, original programming, and an absolute megaton of quality kids programming. Oh, and don’t forget that Netflix is to comedy what HBO used to be. That means if you want to hear all the latest, freshest comedy specials- you have got to go to Netflix!

4. Hulu

Similar to Netflix, Hulu has lots of stuff that’s popular, new, and exciting, just like its primary rival. The only difference is, nothing on Hulu is also on Netflix. That means, if you only have one, you’re missing out on all the goodness available on the other. It must be said that Hulu is a bit more quirky than Netflix. Their offerings are a little less mainstream than Netflix’s. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different- or if you don’t care what happens at the water cooler, Hulu might be the place for you.

5. Amazon Prime

This streaming platform might seem a bit off the mark at first. But it’s worth noting that when you’re looking for new tech, new gadgets, and just about anything else – Amazon Prime is the only place where you’re almost guaranteed to find it on the first try. Amazon Prime is becoming more and more known for its consistently well-reviewed original series.

Of course, if you want the most reliable warranties, customer service, and top quality products, you have to visit Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment. But sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in Tucson, AZ.

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